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Frequently Asked Questions

1  When will my order ship?

2  What makes ECOCARE different from other natural hair products?

3  I noticed you have Cosmeceutical ingredients in your Dandruff Shampoo, can you tell me more?

4  What can I expect when first trying ECOCARE products?

5  What is difference between Hydraplex Moisture Treatment and Hair Mask?

6  My hair is fine and short, will ECOCARE products weigh my hair down?

7  Does ECOCARE test products on animals?

8  How does ECOCARE scalp care improve dry or damaged scalp?

9  What will ECOCARE products do for dry, damaged and long hair?

10  Is ECOCARE All-in-One Cleansing Gel safe to use with children?

11  How do I track my order?

12  Do you ship internationally?

13  What is your shipping policy?

14  Are ECOCARE products same as Ceasz+ ?

15  Who developed ECOCARE products?

16  What is your return policy?