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Frequently Asked Questions

1  Who developed ECOCARE products?

2  When will my order ship?

3  What makes ECOCARE different from other natural hair products?

4  I noticed you have Cosmeceutical ingredients in your Dandruff Shampoo, can you tell me more?

5  What can I expect when first trying ECOCARE products?

6  What is difference between Hydraplex Moisture Treatment and Hair Mask?

7  My hair is fine and short, will ECOCARE products weigh my hair down?

8  Does ECOCARE test products on animals?

9  What is your return policy?

10  How does ECOCARE scalp care improve dry or damaged scalp?

11  What will ECOCARE products do for dry, damaged and long hair?

12  Is ECOCARE All-in-One Cleansing Gel safe to use with children?

13  How do I track my order?

14  Do you ship internationally?

15  What is your shipping policy?

16  Are ECOCARE products same as Ceasz+ ?