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About Us

1. Our Commitment

Since 1994, ECOCARE products were developed by Paul Mazzotta in Pennsylvania.
We believe our products enrich our lives by connecting us to our heritage.
Living in balance with nature is about respecting nature’s natural cycle.
It’s an opportunity to experience professional wholesome goodness, helping you to gain balance within body, mind, and the planet.
The daily choices we make directly impact the outcome of our existence and our environment.
Begin your daily salon experience by using our professional salon quality products.

We use natural, plant-based ingredients.
We deliver professional-performance, treatment-based products.
We preserve our planet by not using petrochemical raw materials.
We do not conduct animal testing, nor do we use any animal ingredients.
We use recycled paper and encourage a recycle/refill/reuse program for our bottles.

2. Our Philosophy

Achieving balance in your life helps bring about personal peace. This is a state that we are all born with and begin to lose as we get farther away from the basic laws of nature.
ECOCARE is committed to helping you achieve personal ecology through the professional salon care products for hair, body, and environment.

Our wish is to help you achieve a pleasant service at home.

ECOCARE represents quality and uniqueness.
ECOCARE is a place where we incorporate into our daily lives.
ECOCARE is about artists and craftspeople.
ECOCARE is about ecology – personal and planetary.
ECOCARE is about giving, which is about service to people and the earth.
ECOCARE is about respect for animals, plants, and all of our natural resources.

3. Our Ingredients

Our natural ingredients are totally new because they represent a new source of ingredients for professional care.
They originate from sustainably harvested plant materials. All of the ECOCARE products were created to help balance your body, mind, and emotions.

We do not use harsh chemicals, harsh preservatives, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) nor sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), phthalates, nor synthetic colors that can damage your body or the environment.

One-of-a-Kind Blends
Plant-Based Ingredients
Natural, Biologically Active Products
Professional Salon Quality Formulas
Recyclable, Eco-Friendly Packaging

4. Natural Home Salon Care

Living a life full of specialty is easy; it just takes a little nudge to get started.

ECOCARE has found our ways of salon experience right at home.
ECOCARE provides you the easiest way to meet salon quality products.
ECOCARE guarantees the difference in quality & performance.